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Jan 15th Fish Hook Birmingham, AL

Jan 16th Private Show ​Birmingham, AL

Jan 23rd Oasis Birmingham, AL

Jan 24th Pablo's Birmingham, AL

Jan 27th Todd English Pub Birmingham, AL

Jan 30th Fish Hook Birmingham, AL

​Feb 6th Fish Hook Birmingham, AL

Feb 11th Private Show Auburn, AL

Feb 12th Private Show Tuscaloosa, AL

Feb 20th Oasis Birmingham, AL

Feb 25th Private Show Oxford, MS

​Feb 26th Innisfree Tuscaloosa, AL

Feb 27th Fish Hook Birmingham, AL 

Mar 3rd  Private Show Tuscaloosa, AL

Mar 4th Private Show Linden, AL

Mar 5th Sky Bar Auburn, AL

​Mar 6th Pablo's Birmingham, AL

Mar 12th Fish Hook Birmingham, AL

Mar 16th Rogue Tavern Birmingham, AL

Mar 18th Private Show Atlanta, GA

Mar 19th Private Show Mobile, AL

Mar 30th Soulshine Nashville, TN

Mar 31st BrIckhouse Huntsville, AL

April 1st Pale Eddies Birmingham, AL

April 2nd Private Show Athens, GA

April 8th Private Show Troy, AL

April 9th Private Show Anniston, AL

April 14th Private Show Auburn, AL

April 15th Private Show Atlanta, GA

​April 16th Private Show Florence, AL

​April 20th Sky Bar Auburn, AL

​April 22nd Private Show Starkville, AL

April 23rd Fish Hook Birmingham, AL

April 26th Private Show Auburn, AL

April 27th Private Show Tuscaloosa, AL

April 29th Work Play Birmingham, AL

April 29th Oasis Birmingham, AL

April 30th Private Show Birmingham, AL

April 30th Private Show Auburn, AL

May 8th Rogue Tavern Birmingham, AL

May 12th Todd English Pub Birmingham, AL

May 21st Private Show Santa Rosa Beach, FL

June 16th Rogue Tavern Birmingham, AL

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